Airbnb clone

Where do you get the best Airbnb clone script ?
Airbnb is a relatively very new concept and there is much hype around it . Since it is new there doesn’t seem to be much Airbnb clone scripts available in the market . Even if a Airbnb clone script is available it is either not professional or it is way too costly . But one place where they do provide a professional Airbnb clone script at an amazing offer is here :

What is Airbnb ?
Airbnb was founded in August 2008 . Airbnb is a highly trusted marketplace for people to submit, find, and book cool spaces around the world online or using an iPhone . However the available space is – be it a castle for a night, a tent camp for a couple of days , or a flat for a month, Airbnb is the most convenient and fun way for people to exhibit these unique spaces to an online audience of millions. By enabling bookings and financial transactions, Airbnb makes the process of listing or booking a space seem-less . With around 50K unique listings available in more than 8,000 cities and 167 countries, Airbnb offers the biggest variety of unique spaces for everyone, at a flexible price point around the world . Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners have invested around 7.8 million USD in Airbnb

Why is there so much hype around Airbnb ?
Airbnb is all about getting to stay in new places and hence get to know new people . There is so much fun and social stuff surrounding its business model . All the more holly actor Ashton Kutcher has invested in the company . Recently the service has been valued at around 1 billion USD and a big investment has gone inside Airbnb . Becasue of such growth there is a big demand for Airbnb clone script in the market