Cafepress clone script to setup an amazing niche marketplace

Where can you get a quality Cafepress clone script ?

Cafepress is becoming very popular among online shoppers . But there doesn’t seem to be a good  clone script available in the market yet .

But in our sources we have a high quality Cafepress clone script being developed at : Gentle Ninja ( a store for high quality hand picked digital goods and scritps ) .

Check out their Cafepress clone script here :

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Cafepress clone script


What is Cafe press ?

With over 3 million stores being setup inside its website  is the talk of the town ! It is loved by individual sellers who create products . It provides these individual sellers a marketplace to sell their products to a wide range of target audience visiting their site .

Why is there so much demand for a Cafepress clone script ?

Its eCommerce – Its a marketplace ! the business model on which Cafepress resides is a very lucrative model and a traffic magnet . This model can be applied to any other niche very easily . Many Entrepreneurs and business owners around the world have ideas to setup a Cafepress like site for different niches in the market . Many look for a  clone script so they can instantly apply their innovation to it and setup a Cafepress like site for their niche – so there is a good demand for a ready made turnkey Cafepress clone script .